Back Everything Up. Everything!

Travel Tip Thursday Traveling internationally comes with many additional responsibilities beyond domestic travel. Depending on the length of your trip, you may have worry about things like health insurance, visas, birth certificates, serial numbers, drivers licenses, embassy and family phone numbers, etc. The list of things to worry about when traveling for 6 months or […]

Believe It or Not, You Should go to France!

A destination for July As everyone knows, Europe and the “biggies,” such as, Spain, Italy and France are some of THE top tourist destinations of the world every summer. And of course that means crowds, higher prices, hotter weather, and all that yucky uncomfortable and somewhat miserable stuff. But believe it or not, France should make […]

Italy for Summer?

Why Italy? And When? Summer means travel. Back up the necessities, round up the family and go somewhere! This is an international standard. This is when we find time to take the “big” trips and experience the world. And though not everyone will find the time or resources to fly across the pond, Europe is and […]

Why Travel Agents? And How to Choose One.

A World With Travel Agents The global economy is recovering. This past May the Conference Board recorded a 1.1%  increase in the U.S. consumer price index equating to more disposable income and resultantly, an increase in demand for travel. It was recently projected by Lonely Planet that, “65 billion people will fly over the next 15 years…that’s how many people flew […]

Christmas Traditions around the World

  Australia – With the Australian Christmas in the middle of the summer holidays, many families spend their Christmas Day away from home, in a resort or on the beach.  In Sydney it is traditional to go to Bondi Beach where you can find a large amount of people on Christmas Day. In 1937, because […]