Bring Doubles

For longer vacations (3 to 6 month), it’s vital to have back-ups to the back-ups. We’ve spoke to the importance of backing travel documents, insurance, and itineraries already, but it’s just as important to make sure you that you can back everything up. Do this by carrying doubles of where you’ll back your documents and how you’ll be able to. Carry multiple charges for your devices, memory cards for your phones and cameras, external hard drives (nothings outrageously large), and flash drives. Backing everything up to two (or more) locations is time consuming, but could be well worth it in the event that you loose your computer, phone or charger.

A great external hard drive to invest in is any My Passport product. They’re small, lightweight and are made for both Windows and OS operating systems.

Moral of the story, have back-ups to the back-ups and carry multiple charging devices. Doing so will secure your travel memories and ensure ease of travel from destination to destination.


Thanks for reading, Happy Travels!



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