The 3 Best Jet Lag Treatments

Jet Lag. It’s the worst. There’s no other feeling like the complacency that comes with a disrupted biological clock and extreme fatigue as you aimlessly wonder a foreign city like a zombie with no direction. But there’s hope. You don’t have to fall victim to jet lag the first days of your trip. Here are our 3 best travel tips for avoiding extreme jet lag.


Get Some Vitamin D

According to the National Sleep Foundation “daylight is a powerful stimulant for regulating the biological clock.” In other words, the best way to adjust to the local time, is to force your body to. If you get out in the sun when you arrive at your destination, you remind your body that it ‘should’ be awake. Catch some vitamin D upon arrival and you one major step closer to acclimating with the local cycle.

Photo by Alice10

Get Active

This coincides with getting some sun. Don’t just go sit on the patio or your balcony. Go walk the streets. Wonder to a light snack. Or heck, go for a jog. Whatever it is that you do, remain active and moving. This also helps your body adjust to the local time. And if you think you’re really tired upon arriving, when it’s actually time to go to bed, your body won’t hesitate in the slightest. This is also a great way to wake up the following day. Any type of aerobic movement kick starts your metabolism and reminds your body what daytime means.

Photo by Matthew_hull

Stay Up Until Sunset

Building off the two previous points, the whole purpose is to help both your body and mind adjust to the time. Therefore, solidify this adjustment by remaining awake (no napping) until the sun sets. Once it’s dark outside, by all means, go to bed. Otherwise, you’ll spend the next few days trying to battle fatigue and grogginess with caffeine and naps. Finish strong, and jump into the time zone like someone who actually lives there, by going to bed when they do.

Photo by Aaron Motsenbocker

Thanks for reading! Happy Travels!



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