Plan for Travel Remorse

One of the most common despairs travelers experience, is the feeling that they haven’t done everything they wanted to do or taken away as much as they should have from the vacation. Take Paris, for example. It’s not the largest city in the world by any means, but within the 6-mile city proper alone, Paris boasts dozens of the worlds most legendary and esteemed attractions, ever. One of which, the Louvre would take 6 weeks alone to view every single piece of art in the museum’s entirety. Even if you have a month in Paris, you may still leave feeling dissatisfied, as if you didn’t see and experience anything at all. This is common, but the remedy is simple. Make a plan for what you’re going to see, and accept you wont see everything you plan to. Instead, plan for travel remorse. Maybe it’s more easily said than done, but embrace this and your travel adventures will immediately increase in fulfillment.

First, decide what it is you want to see. But, get specific. Idolize one thing or attraction and then narrow in. Using the Louvre example, don’t just decide that, “we are going to the Louvre,” decide which wing in the museum you want to wander, the halls you’ll travel down, and the specific pieces of art in those halls you’ll stand there and view. And boom, anything else that happens along the way or after that, is a special addition to the adventure. You’ll finish that day feeling satisfied, because you saw the attractions that meant the most.

This all requires research and is applicable to any destination and or attraction around the world. Take your time in the pre-trip planning to plan for travel remorse, and accept you wont see everything, to avoid feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything.

Thanks for reading, Happy Travels!



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