Live Local

Live Local

Unless your traveling with a tour or expedition company, chances are your trip is somewhat ambiguous. Even with meticulously planned itineraries from you best travel consultant, getting to the destination, hotel and attractions at the right time, is half the work of attaining your wanderlusts fullest potential. But that’s ok! If you haven’t had your agent plan an hour-by-hour holiday, than you are in a wonderful position. Though we don’t mind doing it, we also know and understand it’s not what’s best for everyone.

Often, the best and most fulfilling way to get the most from a vacation or weekend trip, is to embrace ambiguity and travel or “live” like a local. Tap a local’s shoulder and engage. When you’re hungry, don’t just ask the concierge desk where to go, ask the young man next to you at the crosswalk. After dinner, ask your server where your next stop should be, and then take their recommendation! Embrace this travel domino theory with you everywhere you go and with everyone. Your gut will know what’s right and your memory bank will thank you. Have a “yes trip,” so-to-speak, and embrace the uncertain gaps in your travel itinerary. Planning isn’t for everyone, but if your comfort does reside with the minute-by-minute life, maybe it’s time to branch out and have some unplanned fun. It may change your life, forever.


Thanks for reading! Happy Travels from Genie Travel



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