Beach Bumming

Photo by Isaac Bowen

Summer is fast approaching and with it, so are those fun and sunny and sandy beach days. But, unless you are a regular beach bum this excursion can become somewhat hectic and present some challenges. Here’s a simple take on beach bumming like a pro to ease the sandy struggles and have a great time.

Sun Protection

Everyone burns. So don’t forget the sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses. If you’ve traveled with a scarf, they are one of the greatest sun protectors and can spice up your outfit as a sarong or shawl.

Personal Protection

Speaking of sun protection, travel with an empty sunscreen bottle to place your cash in. Camouflaging your money is a sure way to protect yourself and feel a little less worried while you play in the water.

 Sandy Struggles

It’s an ancient trick, but it truly does work! To rid you feet and extremities of sand, dust them with baby powder and then lightly rub it off. And Voila! No more sand!

Playing on a beach posting

Personal Items

It’s an investment to go ahead and purchase a beach blanket or beach towel. If you’re traveling to places like Mexico you can often find these linen-like blankets for a low as 30 pesos. Otherwise, purchase beach towels or remember to grab them from the hotel –remember the larger, the better! Other great ideas include fitted bed sheets to stuff sand in (as they wont fly away) or beach blankets with sand pockets on the corners.

If you’re traveling with electronics bring extra plastic bags or waterproof containers to store your devices in. You can avoid theft by hiding them in the tree line, sand or under your towels.

Lastly, bring a lightweight gym sack or beach bag with you that easily folds down without stealing luggage space.


Thanks for reading and Happy Travels!


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